Put a wormhole on your wall

Hello, I am Dr. Bob Jansen. As a visual artist I have long been interested in abstract art and various unusual methods to design and produce it. Originally I liked to paint and trowel abstracts in acrylics on canvas and was always interested in methods that could be used in the process. I dribbled paint onto rotating canvases. I rode a bicycle on canvases leaving tracks of color. I dropped paint onto canvases from second story windows. I even tried loading shotshells with paint. By the mid 1980’s I was experimenting with video feedback loops, aiming analog video cameras into their own monitor and varying orientation, focus and color controls, sometimes placing various gratings into the loop by inserting them between the camera and monitor.  These video feedback loops were actually (light speed!) iterative function systems, and produced fractal like images, which I discussed with Benoit Mandelbrot at the time. Unfortunately, video recording systems were primitive at the time, low resolution raster analog tape on reels, which did not translate well into the 1080i digital age.

Scott Draves’ flame fractal algorithm provided me with better choices than any previous methods. Most of the image manipulations possible in algorithmic composition are not available in traditional painting…” Read more

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