“Rush” to judgement

During his radio show on Thursday, conservative host Rush Limbaugh argued that the United States could, if necessary, survive another four years under President Obama, saying the country should be more concerned about the masses of “morons” who would re-elect him. He doesn’t think America could survive with a population who could do something like that.

Discussing a recent study by the Pew Research Center that shows 52 percent of middle class adults think a second term for Obama would help the middle class, Limbaugh said the poll shows  “what a good job the news media and the education system have done in dumbing down the country.”

Then he said something that, almost certainly, surprised a lot of people.

“I think that the country could survive four more years of Obama,” he said.

But then he added, “But I don’t believe the country can survive in a country full of people who would re-elect him.”

So, really either way, a world with second Obama term is doomed, according to Limbaugh.

“We can handle Obama, but I don’t know what we can do about a majority of people who would re-elect the guy,” he added.

Limbaugh added that Obama voters are only concerned with making sure there is no “interruption with what [government handouts] they’re getting.”

“Biden is the poster boy for the moron vote,” the host said, seemingly not joking. “We’ve got a guy here just as moronic as you are, just as stupid as you are, and look at him, he’s the vice president.”

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One Response to “Rush” to judgement

  1. Grace Lindsay says:

    I know a lot of people who are only voting for him because he is black. The sheer ignorance. :/

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