“… A historic defeat for a sitting president.  Never has a POTUS been this badly whupped in a debate.  It is that simple.

It wasn’t just that Obama was so bad, but that Romney was so good.  Conservatives see a candidate they did not know they had, and independents see a candidate who could turn the country around.  No way to predict what this will do to campaign over a week.

Take aways: trickle down government, “you pick losers,” and Solyndra and other green energy expenditures of 90 billion could have been 2 million teachers.

Throwing in the towel: Michael Moore, Andrew Sullivan, David Gregory, Ed Schultz.

Sports analogy: POTUS was the ’54 Cleveland Indians –winningest team ever, and lost the Series in four games.

Caution to Team Romney and salve to the left: Mondale beat Reagan in the first debate in ’04 (though not nearly as badly as Romney beat Obama tonight.)

Analogy?  Agincourt?

On asking Lileks for an analogy, he noted that “Romney-Obama” will now serev as shorthand for a debate pummeling…”

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