The Losers

Letter to the Marietta(GA) Journal editor

Subject: Election thoughts (HFH)

Dear Editor;

Who and what won or lost yesterday?

Self-reliance, self-responsibility, self-accountability, and self-determination lost out to the “give me” crowd, which loss has long been an inevitability.
Freedoms have been dissipating over the past 4 years. More will soon be past history. Religious freedom, to name only one.
Socialism has been gaining ground and acceptance for some time, and more of that will lead to communism, and/or tyranny, or totalitarianism.
The tenets and precepts of our Founders lost. 
The Constitution lost. It’s now a mere shell of its former self. It will undergo further torment.
Individualism lost. It has been on its last legs for years, but now gives way completely to identity politics, and bloc voting.

The best health care system extant lost, as we will shortly see, to our eternal grief. Don’t have an emergency, or dare to grow old.
Evil triumphed yesterday. Profligate and eager lying, and lying as sport, won. Righteousness of mind, body, and soul took a big hit.
The stupid-stupid won. The ignoratti, those on perpetual dole, as well as the smart-stupid- the profs in the towers, the play-actors, glitteratti, and intellectuals all won.
I leave it to you to add other losses or wins, but in my opinion, America; its spirit, health, vitality, vivacity, purpose, and its proffered dream, took a potential death blow yesterday.
The blow was struck by the very people who, four years ago, and yesterday again, were elected to be her caretaker. The benighted voters
thought then, and think now, that what they did was right -for themselves, mainly. They may well be among the first to be very rudely shocked,
in a not very distant future. This leviathan oligarchy has as little regard for them as it does for us conservatives who tried vainly to stop its rise.
Moral and fiscal bankruptcy won big. Both have been a-building for years, and have now “topped out.”
Further transforming and debilitating change won; hope lost.
The future dimmed. 
Harry Hagan, west Cobb…”
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