Problematic Singularity

“…What I miss in most discussions of the singularity is what happens while we all are hooked up to a Matrix style of inter-and-externet feeling all warm and fuzzy and connected, or whatever happens. Simple issues of not only who writes all the software and builds all the hardware that enables us to play 4D angry birds and experience virtual porn immersion, but also who will come and empty the waste containers when they’re full (I assume we still need some form of substenance, even when delivered through a hose)? And who is going to pay the bills, nurse babies, dust-off the solar panels (or un-clog the automatic solar panel cleaning gizmo that will clog in a way previously not imagined), and do all the other things that would still need to be done in un-augmented reality (which wouldn’t disappear)?
Robots? Wouldn’t they also get to some form of singularity moment and prefer to also zonk out, streaming cat videos and updating their facebook pages in real-time, rather than do our dirty work?
Or am I missing something here? Mind over matter can only go so far, can’t it???

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