And now, France

“…Scimitar-wielding Arabs of the Ummah, take note: The Louvre curators might have made a mistake, but they are good dhimmis at heart and really, really didn’t mean to offend you. So please don’t issue a fatwa and lapidate or behead them…”

“…Muslim pupils increasingly refuse to sing, dance, participate in sports, draw a human face, or play a musical instrument. They shun school cafeteria food that isn’t halal, refuse to draw a right angle in math class because it looks like part of a Christian cross, won’t swim in pools to avoid polluted “infidels’ water.” They reject Voltaire and Rousseau (anti-religion), Cyrano de Bergerac (too sexy), Madame Bovary (promotes women’s rights). Other studies note that dhimmified French lycées are often dropping whole areas of their curricula, e.g., in history and geography, for fear of angry reactions by Muslim students or their parents…”

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