Ever closer Golgotha

“…The reality is that there is no culture war.  What is occurring now is a pacification effort.    

Some conservatives sense this, but the reality is often too frightening to contemplate.  You can vote liberals out of office, but how do you control entities whose agents of change are unelected?  Boycotts won’t do it because, unlike elections, they require more than a run-up campaign and one voting day of focus and effort; it’s often impossible to get enough people on board, and in the aggregate, most don’t have the discipline to persevere in a boycott, anyway.  And what of traditionalists reversing the Gramscian march through the institutions by themselves entering them?  Good luck.  Time is short, and, besides, TE leftists are like The Matrix‘s sentient programs: they guard all the gates and hold all the keys…”

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