More Mac-o-phile Stuff

“…here are a few things you can do with Spotlight so you too can experience the joy of simple, painless searching and navigation.

  • Start it simply
    No need to go digging around in Application folder looking for Spotlight–just hit Command+Space. The little search bar will pop up and you’ll be ready to roll.
  • Forget Launchpad & Finder
    You’ll massively decrease your need to switch to the Finder window once you get in the habit of starting up Spotlight. Whether you want to open a document, run an application, or a host of other possibilities, that little search bar will enable you to do it quickly. On my machine, for instance, if I want to open up Skype, I type the sequence Command+Space+S+K+Return and it’s up. No digging, no swiping, no scrolling, no switching windows. One second of typing is all it takes…”

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