Mitch Rapp and Vince

“…If you can picture a man somewhere between Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt — with perhaps a bit of Jack Bauer thrown in — then you’ve just imagined Mitch Rapp, the counterterrorist specialist and hero in nearly all of Vince Flynn’s 14 novels. If you’ve got a picture of Rapp in your mind, then you’ve got a peek into Vince Flynn as well, best-selling thriller novelist, friend to some of the world’s most influential people, and under-the-radar champion of conservative ideas. The 47 year-old passed away one week ago after a three-year battle with prostate cancer; his funeral was yesterday in St. Paul, Minnesota, his birthplace and the place he still called home…

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One Response to Mitch Rapp and Vince

  1. village idiot says:

    and i can now again enjoy all the books, at my leisure, thanks to my favorite thief!!

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