Is this the end, my friends?

“…It is incomprehensible that progressives seem not to grasp, or grasping it seem not to care, that their children, too, must suffer for their destruction of this country.  Instead they relish the short-term victories over the few Americans who propose solutions that would protect and enrich their own children.  They celebrate each petty slight against those who invoke the Constitution, thanks to which they have enjoyed a prosperous and guarded life their children will not have.  They pollute debate and discourse with disinformation, as if their children will grow up elsewhere.   They promote and applaud decadence and deceit in their celebrities and politicians, elevating them to ever-higher stature as their sins become more extreme.  They lie to themselves and to us, while their influence grows, that all that is wrong with the country can be blamed on other people, whose morals have been scorned and ridiculed, and which thereby play no part.

And they congratulate each other when they defeat actions meant to forestall or prevent the disasters they have made inevitable, economic and military, as if the universe does not know symmetry.  There are always consequences.  When the attacks come, only a draft will enable us to mount a defense, hopefully in time.  There are three more years in which more cuts and insults to our military and our sovereignty will be coming.   The tipping point will come when our enemies decide that we have too few to fight for long in even one place.  What then?…”

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2 Responses to Is this the end, my friends?

  1. village idiot says:

    yes, it is the end. kill yourself and get it over with!

  2. village idiot says:

    National Black Pro-life Coalition
    google that. the site is rather good

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