The UnVarnished…

“…America’s middle class is a historical anomaly, a result of combining British government and jurisprudence; classical liberalism; a disparate stream of immigrants and an entire new, unexploited; and a lightly governed continent where the prior occupants were no barrier.  Add to that an industrial revolution.  Though seldom discussed in public now, the resulting huge, educated, propertied, and politically powerful middle class is seen from the left as an obstacle, an impediment to the reshaping of American society desired by Progressives.  In short, it accumulates and retains too much of the political power, property, and wealth that Progressives prefer in the hands of government.

Progressives see property and control seated more appropriately in the collective, and not limited by Judeo-Christian “middle-class” values like private property and personal responsibility.  Such ideas are bedrock for the middle class but a bane for Progressives; Progressives approve of limits for individuals, but not for government.  However, Christian values have faded rapidly since the 1960s, reducing middle-class cohesion and thereby lubricating social and economic class dissolution…

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