Socialist, Communist, or Progressive?

“…Advocates of limited government do themselves a disservice by pinning a label on the president that he does not deserve. Their time would be much better spent studying the more subtle, and arguably more scary philosophy that the president explicitly subscribes to, one that is evident in his policies — progressivism…”

“…In government, as in virtue, the hardest of things is to make progress. Formerly the reason for this was that the single person who was sovereign was generally either selfish, ignorant, timid, or a fool, — albeit there was now and again one who was wise. Nowadays the reason is that the many, the people, who are sovereign have no single ear which one can approach, and are selfish, ignorant, timid, stubborn, or foolish with the selfishness, the ignorances, the stubbornness, the timidities, or the follies of several thousand persons, — albeit there are hundreds who are wise… ~ Woodrow Wilson”

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