Where is the “World?”

“…“There is no ‘the world’ out there waiting to dispense righteous justice,” I told Robert. “‘The world’ is a bunch of UN bureaucrats at a cocktail party thinking that the Jews had it coming. ‘The world’ is a bunch of Jew-haters in Paris also saying it’s always the Jews’ fault. ‘The world’ is the Politburo of China thinking of new weapons to sell Iran. ‘The world’ is some African kleptocrats way too busy killing, raping, and stealing to think about moral justice. ‘The world’ is a beast, to paraphrase the Iron Duke. ‘The world’ will never in a million years move a muscle to help the Jews. There is only one force in the universe that exists to help Israel, and that is the Evangelical Christians of this country. They are the only moral force on earth…”


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