Who is Leading and Financing the Orc Army of the Left?

With events such as Ferguson and before that Trayvon Martin and the Occupy hysteria, and now with the reaction to the grand jury convened to consider Eric Garner’s death, we are occasionally treated to a brief glimpse of the left’s Orc army, standing by for its cues, ready to march at a moment’s notice to destroy all in its path, especially truth.  When they do arise from the muck, it also becomes clear that they have been so conditioned to pre-programmed cues that it is impossible to penetrate their psyches and engage them on facts.  Their conditioning does not allow them to think independently of their indoctrination and training.  They do not want to know the truth, having been similarly conditioned to find it grossly offensive.  Still, they will tell you that they are not mindless drones serving a master or self-appointed master class, and that they have chosen for themselves to behave as would a herd of conscienceless animals.Despite their false claim of autonomy, at the cue or direction of others they are prepared to instantly engage in mob tactics that are not acceptable in a civilized, lawful society, becoming full-throated vandals, arsonists and murderers who are convinced of their own righteousness.  Whether destroying the businesses of a town, or murdering an innocent passerby with hammers for the affront of his whiteness, the behavior is triggered by false cues that have been implanted by those who need others to do their dirty work.  Such “protesters” are the left’s army, ready and willing to detect the cue and instantly attack whomever they are brainwashed to believe is their enemy.  They neither want nor need evidence, or a logical connection between the alleged affront and the target of their rage.  There is injustice afoot, and they must avenge it with violence.

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