Thanks, for the memories! In my solitude, I think of how he soothed us with his gravel voice and charming soulful horn.

23 August

Derek Trucks. There is a story waiting to be told here, but it is late and I am tired. Perhaps tomorrow, when I am rested.

24 August

So, I promised an anecdote regarding Derek Trucks. This from someone who not very long ago did not know the difference between Derek Trucks and Mack Trucks.

OK. I am one of those people who respond to music the way a reed responds to a fresh breeze blowing across the pond. I vibrate, bend, and move to the magical force we call music. Do I know who it is playing those vibrant seductive notes? Generally, no.

My “catalogue” of names is abysmal. But my soul is overflowing with the memories of all the wonderful times music has intoxicated me. In conjunction, several years ago I took up guitar, much to the long suffering silence of my family, friends and neighbors.

Anyway, in the course of an afternoon I was playing along with some soulful blues, streaming off of the internet. This woman was belting out a tearful saga, ala’ Janis Joblin. I was so taken with it that I was moved to tears. That was when I discovered Susan Tedeschi. If you love raw, bawdy blues, you will love Susan.

In my pursuit of wanting to know everything about Ms. Tedeschi, I made a second, and even more wonderful discovery. Her lead guitar is a fellow named Derek Trucks. Here is the lil’ kicker, he was in the Almond Brothers Band at age 12. Rolling Stone (for those who care) rates him among the top 20 guitarists of all time. His slide guitar work is heartbreaking, soaring, uplifting and tearful. Need I say more.

So, fast forward to Merlefest 2012. Accompanying the Commodore and the Doctor is always a delight, and this year was no exception… except… here I was sitting in the audience, oblivious to the program of entertainers.. and suddenly I hear Susan Tedeschi being introduced as a guest singer with another band. I almost swooned!

Before the night main stage entertainment got underway, I left my seat to go use the restroom. As I was coming down the steps from backstage (ala’ super passes), who was standing at the bottom of the steps with guitar in hand, waiting for me to finish my descent?

Derek Trucks! He was gracious. I tried not to be the bumbling, stumbling awed fan that I was. He was gracious. Yes,  the Tedeschi Trucks Band rocked the house. OMG!


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  1. village idiot says:

    you da man!

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